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Solar Micro Grid

Solar Micro-Grids

Establishing Solar Micro Grids and facilitating financing for rural entrepreneurs to own and operate community micro-grids

SwitchON - ONergy has setup over 90 AC and DC solar micro-grids in West Bengal, Odisha, and Jharkhand and has a pipeline to set up over 50 more micro-grids within the current year. We have become one of the leading Solar Micro-grid players in East India. The micro-grids are set up in un-electrified villages in partnership with a rural entrepreneur/ local group and funding agency. ONergy provides continual technical support, grassroot mobilization support and servicing for all micro-grid systems.  In addition, ONergy is also piloting remote monitoring system and prepaid system along with the microgrids thereby giving more control and flexibility in payments. We have been actively working with TERI, Mlinda Foundation, and Sri Sri Rural Development Trust (arm of Art of Living) for promoting solar micro-grids in east India.