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Solar Computer

Solar Computer Center

Setting up low cost solar information and communications technology (ICT) centers

SwitchON-ONergy has developed a highly energy efficient and low cost solar powered computer system to bridge the digital divide and to bring energy access to remote regions of east India. Our innovation provides reliable electricity generation that enables computer technology to reach rural areas previously excluded from accessing this technology due to poor or unreliable electricity.  SwitchON-ONergy’s solar computer system reduces energy consumption by 80% and offers low cost services to the rural population.  We are setting up rural ICT (Information and Communications Technology) centres equipped with 5 to 8 computers and projector to support education, skill building, and information access through internet services in remote regions.  SwitchON-ONergy has set up 2 pilot ICT centers and has continued plans to scale up the model in further remote areas of east India.